What is it?

Flormar Brush Cleansing Gel is a cleaning solution that removes any accumulated makeup or dirt from your makeup brushes. Cleaned Makeup brushes are essential not only to achieve the makeup style you desire without effort but also when it comes to the health of your skin. In fact, a dirty makeup brush can easily accumulate bacteria that also contaminate your makeup products. Furthermore, when a brush gathers too much product, its bristles lose their flexibility and softness, becoming harder on the skin. All of this contributes to irritated skin and can even cause breakouts. In addition to all of that, keeping your brushes clean will also enhance their lifespan protecting your investment for longer. The Flormar Brush Cleansing Gel will help you keep your brushes ready to use and make them last longer by eliminating any makeup residue, impurities, and dead skin. Formulated with harmless ingredients, this cleansing gel is gentle on the skin and may be used by anyone. Lastly, it also promotes effortless use thanks to its effective formula and practical pumping bottle.