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Electric Breast Pump

Compact. Handy, Proven.

Millions of women have chosen the Mini Electric, one of the smallest and most compact electric breast pumps in the world. Operable with one hand, it is ideal for occasional pumping at home or elsewhere. The adjustable vacuum permits very comfortable handling. Quickly assembled and cleaned, use with battery or mains, it is the preferred pump for mothers who want to be mobile.

Breast milk is the natural choice for your baby, but there are reasons and situations where breastfeeding is not possible. For over 50 years, it has been Medela's conviction that these mothers and babies can be supported. In close co-operation with breast feeding experts, Medela, one of the market leaders, has researched and developed breast pumps that perfectly meet breastfeeding mothers needs. for mothers who insist on the best for their babies and themselves.