What is it?

100% cotton gloves - 1 pair hypoallergenic soft & comfortable natural cotton all-Purpose glove assists in absorption of creams and ointments use:Under rubber gloves for wet work for clean tasks to avoid fingerprints these 100% cotton gloves, with excellent dermophil properties, protect the skin from exposure to irritants and allow for prolonged treatment. These versatile cotton gloves are ideal for those with allergies and sensitive skin. The soft cotton construction is ideal for use:S with eczema, psoriasis, delicate skin, allergies or similar skin conditions. The cotton gloves are great for helping the absorption of hand creams and medicated ointments. Wearing these dermal gloves over creams can prevent staining of clothes and bed linens. They also work by allowing you to carry out your daily activities without causing a flare-Up of eczema or other condition on your hands. The cotton gloves are ultra soft and smooth on the skin, ensuring maximum comfort for the wearer. The 100% cotton fabric protects hands and prevents transfer of skin oils. A snug fit ensures dexterity and ease of movement, allowing the use: the freedom to perform everyday tasks without causing unnecessary irritation to the skin. Apart from helping to control conditions like eczema, cotton gloves can serve a variety of purposes. Widely use: in homes, hospitals and industry, 100% cotton gloves can also be use: for protecting products or delicate items such as medical apparatus during handling.