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-Intensive anti- mist formula -Advanced moisture absorption -Can last up to 5 days -Safe on plastics and glass -Also provides anti-static

Application: Helmet visors, prescription glasses, sunglasses, MX and Ski goggles, Industrial visors, Military/Police/Fire service optics, Car mirrors and Windshields etc.

Muc-Off premium treatment contains proprietary water absorbing technology and low surface tension carriers to help give you clear vision, even under the toughest competition conditions. Our advanced formula can be applied quickly and safely to leave a transparent micro-thin anti-fog coating.

Directions for use: Ensure area is clean and contaminate free. Shake well before use. Spray a light mist on the surface and wipe lightly with a clean, dry piece of tissue. Store in a cool, dry place. Note: Do not use a microfibre cloth with this products. Do not apply onto anti-fog inserts or coatings ( if removable take off prior to application) Not recommended for scuba masks