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What is it?

Development of healthy gut bacteria is vital to the newborn baby and evidence increasingly suggests that the acquisition of beneficial bacteria is influenced by the mother during pregnancy, birth and breast feeding.

Good bacteria strains have been detected in both the foetus and the placenta during pregnancy and our baby’s first colonisation of bacteria occurs immediately at birth either from the mother if born vaginally or from the environment if born by caesarean section. In addition, mum’s gut bacteria are known to relocate to her breast tissue before birth in preparation for breast feeding.

Mum’s health during pregnancy is also a key concern and, as well as the usual food cravings and aversions, tiredness, and nausea, this can be a time when women can experience unusual symptoms, such as food intolerances, IBS-type symptoms and allergies, such as hay fever and eczema.

  • For mother and baby
  • 10 billion Lab4B Lactobacillus & Bifidus bacteria per capsule
  • Support for mother and baby during pregnancy and breast feeding
  • ProVen Probiotics are the only friendly bacteria proven to be safe during pregnancy
  • Proven to reduce eczema and allergic sensitisation to any allergen in babies and children.