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Sona Balance 30 pack



Over 30 nutrients 

With Lutein and Lycopene 

Contributes to reducing tiredness and fatigue Supports your immune system 

Vegan suitable 


Sona Balance is a complete one-a-day multivitamin/ multimineral which provides over 30 essential  vitamins, minerals and trace elements.  


Vitamins and minerals, in addition to various other  nutrients, in the right amounts, play important  roles in developing and maintaining your body in  optimal health. For various reasons, individuals  do not always obtain the right amount or variety  of nutrients from their diet alone. Taking a  multivitamin/multimineral can help ensure that  your body's nutritional requirements are met.  Sona Balance tablets provide a comprehensive  supply of over 30 essential vitamins, minerals and  antioxidants which contribute to normal energy  metabolism, mental performance, the reduction  of tiredness and fatigue, normal function of the  immune and nervous systems as well as many other  important functions. 


Adults: Take ONE tablet daily with the main meal,  


 * No NRV available NRV = EC Nutrient Reference Value 


Dicalcium phosphate, Bulking agent (Microcrystalline  Cellulose), Magnesium oxide, Potassium chloride, Ascorbic  acid, Ferrous fumarate, Calcium carbonate, dl alpha  tocopherol acetate, Cross linked cellulose gum, Hydroxy  propyl methyl cellulose, Sodium selenate, Sodium borate,  Chromium chloride hexahydrate, Sodium molybdate,  Niacinamide, Zinc oxide, Anti-caking agent (Vegetable  magnesium stearate), Calcium d pantothenate, Colour  (Titanium dioxide, E110), Vitamin A acetate, Potassium  


Free from any Artificial  Flavourings or Preservatives Dairy Free 

Egg Free  

Gluten Free 

GMO Free 

Lactose Free 

Soy Free