What is it?

Iron is closely linked with the immune system and if you don’t have enough iron, your immune system may not work normally. Active Iron’s ground-breaking protein formula is specially designed to be Kind & Strong, allowing you to support your iron levels and help maintain a healthy immune system.

By targeting the natural site of absorption (the small intestine rather than the stomach or lower intestine), Active Iron doubles the amount of iron absorbed compared to the gold standard iron sulphate This means that more iron is available for your body to absorb.

Active Iron works in tune with your body. It’s advanced formula does not cause inflammation which means it is non-irritating to the stomach. This prevents the unwanted side effects that are usually associated with iron supplements such as stomach pain, nausea, cramping, constipation and flatulence.

  • Ideal for women aged 25-45 years who have been diagnosed with an iron deficiency
  • Ideal to take during pregnancy or heavy periods.
  • 2x absorption of iron sulphate
  • 4x better compliance
  • 6x less gut irritation
  • Increase iron levels
  • Non Constipating formula
  • 30 Daily capsules
  • Free from Gluten, Sugar, Yeast, Artificial Preservatives