Breastfeeding: Preparation Essentials

March 24, 2021

Breastfeeding: Preparation Essentials

I think you will agree with me in saying it can be difficult finding what works best for you, or even where to start when breastfeeding, whether you are a new mom or a breastfeeding pro there seems to always be more to learn.


Amid so much information and opinions it can get a little overwhelming. Becoming aware of the breastfeeding essentials you and your little one may need during this process, may lighten the load (a little)


Here, we discuss the process of getting prepped for breastfeeding and a few of the item’s mothers have found useful while breastfeeding.



Once you have made the decision to breastfeed, be resolute in that decision. It may have taken a lot of research or you knew all along, whatever the process of getting there, feel secure in your choice. Breastfeeding can provide a special experience and a host of benefits for mom and baby, but it can also bring challenges with it. Back up your decision with a solid breastfeeding support system and find yourself a lactation consultant or doula possibly who you trust long before your baby is born.



You can never be too prepared, or informed when it comes to breastfeeding. Understanding what products are out there and the problems that may (or may not) crop up for you can help ease any stress.

  • Breastfeeding Pillow: This item will undoubtedly become one of your most cherished essentials to have on hand. It will help you position your baby comfortably and make it easier to safely breastfeed in each position.
  • Nipple cream & Breast pads: Pain should never come between a mum and her new-born. Soothe sore nipples and relieve pain with creams and therapeutic breast pads.
  • Pumps, Bottles, and Storage: Even if your baby is having difficulty nursing you can still set yourself up to express milk and store it effectively.



Support groups and breastfeeding classes can go a long way in helping you through the ups and downs of breastfeeding your new-born. Talk to other first time breastfeeding moms and find moms who have already been through it all as well.



During the first few times feeding, the beginning of your flow won’t look like milk but more like a lotion substance called “colostrum.” This substance includes important nutrients that will shape how the baby’s immune system develops. This will eventually turn to more noticeable milk after a few days.

The first couple of weeks are crucial to getting your milk to let down and for your body to adjust. This is also a crucial time for your baby to learn how to latch on and become accustomed to feeding so it is recommended to nurse as often as possible. If your baby isn’t hungry or you’re not producing enough milk at first, try pumping or breastfeeding products and remedies to stimulate flow.

Try to forget about scheduling, (for the first little while at least). Feed your baby when they are hungry and let them sleep when they are tired. You will be able to develop a schedule that works for you later on, but establishing your flow is crucial in giving your body some idea of how much milk to produce.



A breastfeeding essential that can often get overlooked is Self-Care. Getting in the habit of eating well and exercising will help keep your energy levels high, producing high quality breast milk and keeping you in the routine of self-care while breastfeeding. A nutritionist can help you develop a healthy game plan and learning how to take care of your breasts from trusted sources or courses can go a long way in keeping up your endurance and success while breastfeeding.


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