The BalliBee is a handheld battery-operated nasal aspirator from the Dr Bee company, and is the ideal way to clear the nose of a baby or child when they have a cold.

They work very quickly and are suitable from birth.

They can also be used in older children until they are able to blow their own nose, and so 2 sizes of nozzle are supplied for this purpose. 

The nozzles are soft and no discomfort is caused during use. The vacuum efficiently draws out the nasal mucus but if there is a lot of dried mucus in the nose you may need to use saline nose drops initially before commencing use of the aspirator.

Product Features:
Two speeds - depending on the type of mucus (thick or fluid)
Two silicon nozzles - newborn (0-3 months approx.) and a larger nozzle for older babies and toddlers
Suction power indicator light
30 second auto switch-off
2 x AA batteries included
Also includes spare seal

Suction: Approx. 54Kpa (varies with the power remaining)
Power: Two (2) AA batteries (rechargeable batteries are recommended for continuously strong suction)
Size: 10.3cm (L) x 7.8cm (W) x 10.7cm (H) - with cap
Weight: 170g excluding batteries
One year warranty (please retain proof of purchase).

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