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Multi-Mam Balm is a natural product which moisturises and gives direct soothing relief to nipples for breastfeeding mums. It is harmless for babies when swallowed, so it does not need to be removed prior to feeding. Based on selected plant oils, including Sunflower oil, Shea butter oil, and Beeswax, it has a neutral taste and smell and contains no harsh chemicals, preservatives, perfumes, lanolin or other ingredients from animal products.

• Care for sensitive and delicate nipples
• Direct relief and prevents cracking
• Plant-based alternative to Lanolin
• Safe if swallowed

Use as often as you like. For comfort the balm should be applied at least twice a day. For optimal protection, apply just before breastfeeding. Excess balm does not need to be removed prior to breastfeeding, as the formulation is safe for your baby.

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