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Mediskin Latex Powderfree Gloves are made from high quality natural rubber latex. Like other forms of barrier protection for the hands, powderfree latex gloves come in a range of sizes to accommodate different wearers. The latex examination gloves are 50% thicker than powdered gloves, making them ultra tear resistant. These latex gloves are microtextured to enable the wearer to have a better wet and dry grip. The powderfree gloves are more resilient to splitting or ripping, during donning and through use. The gloves have rolled cuffs for added performance. Ideal for use in a controlled environment, these powderfree latex gloves provide protection and great dexterity and comfort to the user. They are low protein, disposable and designed for use on one patient only. Gloves may be changed during the course of a prolonged procedure for safety. The latex surgical gloves are tearresistant, to ensure increased hygiene control, while also providing the wearer with excellent flexibility and durability. The gloves can be donned quickly and efficiently, thanks to the beaded, tear resistant cuffs. Mediskin nonPowdered Latex Gloves are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Mediskin latex gloves are a perfect fit for jobs requiring a nonpowdered exam glove. Made of premium latex for greater comfort, this latex glove is best for medical, dental, and generalpurpose applications. These latex gloves are also suitable for home use.

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