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- A pure and simple, vegan formulation

- 100% plant-origin vitamin D3

- A fast and convenient way to supplement vitamin D levels

- 1000 IU of vitamin D3 per dose (100 daily doses)

- Packaging made from Ocean Waste Plastic

Delivers 1000 IU (25μg) of bioavailable vegan vitamin D3 with each spray.

- Supports a normal immune system

- Aids normal muscle function

- Maintains normal bones and teeth

DLux 1000 Vegan Vitamin D Oral Spray is a pure and simple formulation using Vitamin D3V®, a 100% plant-origin vitamin D3.

The science: The daily oral spray has been scientifically formulated to deliver vitamin D3 directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the primary processing by the gut. The tiny droplets within the spray absorb quickly into the buccal membrane of the inner cheek, providing fast and effective nutrient uptake. Our work with Cardiff University has produced a nutritional delivery system that provides an effective and convenient alternative to tablets and capsules. Vitamin D helps in the maintenance of bones and teeth, supports a normal, healthy immune system and contributes to the normal muscle function.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).

Suitable for: Suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, diabetics and coeliacs. Suitable from 8 years. No contraindications.

Guaranteed free from: Gluten and wheat, Alcohol, Soy, Dairy, Artificial colours and flavours, Sugar

Advisory information: Do not exceed recommended dosage. Contains xylitol – excessive consumption may produce laxative effects. Supplements should not replace a healthy diet and exercise. Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Eco-friendly packaging: The carton is made of material from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources. The bottle is made from 70% Ocean Waste Plastic and 30% Post-Consumer Recycled plastic (PCR).