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Dr Brown’s® has over 20 years’ experience helping parents combat windy colic.  Dr Brown’s bottles are now even better with the new enhanced design Dr Brown’s® Options+™ Anti-Colic Bottles.   

Almost half of all babies in the UK develop colic and 78% of Healthcare Professionals agree that the most common cause of colic in young babies is caused by digestive or feeding problems, including swallowing air*

The proven internal vent system continues to deliver vacuum-free feeding that keeps air out of baby’s tummy.

Not all vented bottles are created equal.  Dr Brown’s Options+® unique internal vent system continues to create 100% vacuum-free feeding, which is clinically proven to help reduce windy colic. This is what makes Dr Brown’s® the number one choice of UK Health Professionals for the relief of colicky symptoms.

Dr Brown’s® Options+™ grows with baby, allowing easy removal of the vent system when baby no longer experiences feeding problems or parents want the convenience of a teat-vented bottle.

Two vent options – one proven bottle.  No need to introduce a different bottle once baby has grown out of colic.

Prevention is better than cure!

The new breast-like teat shape is correctly contoured for a proper latch and a more natural bottle-feeding experience - perfect for switching from breast to bottle and back again! Each teat is super soft and specially engineered to offer the same consistent natural flow.

What is colic?

Infantile Colic is a condition that is not easily understood and is defined as excessive, crying   lasting up to three hours a day, three days a week in a baby, who appears to be otherwise healthy.  It's a common problem with almost half of the babies in the UK developing Colic*.  Although, there are no long-term consequences of this condition, colic is extremely distressing for both baby and parent. Long bouts of colic can cause family tension, due to parent/carer sleep deprivation and can be responsible for stress, anxiety and even depression.  Thankfully colicky symptoms should begin to disappear between twelve to sixteen weeks.

There are several issues believed to cause colicky symptoms; however, 78% of Healthcare Professionals agree, the most common cause of colic in young babies stems from digestive or feeding problems, which include swallowing air and trapped wind*. Changes as simple as choosing the right baby bottle can help avoid the swallowing of air and thereby, put a stop to wind related colic in babies. 

Dr Brown’s® Natural Flow 60ml Preemie Bottle

Dr Brown’s Medical offer a range of medically authenticated bottles, including the Dr Brown’s 60ml Preemie Bottle.  Widely used on Neonatal Units around the country, the Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Preemie Bottle has been designed to benefit premature babies who have a poor sucking reflex and have problems competing with the vacuum found in traditional or restrictive vented bottles.  With a non or restrictive vented bottle babies have to suck progressively harder on the one hole in the bottle to obtain the liquid.  This causes the teat to collapse and baby must stop feeding. Air enters the bottle when the teat reinflates; this air is ingested and can cause discomfort due to air bubbles.  

Premature babies feeding with a Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Preemie Bottle are able to feed more comfortably because the vent allows babies to feed without fighting the negative effects of a vacuum plus the milk flows freely through the teat as the air is channeled to the top of the bottle. 

The energy these fragile babies expel while sucking progressively harder feeding with a restrictive bottle could be used more efficiently for important growth and development. 

The patented internal vent system is proven to minimise oxidation of milk to help maintain essential nutrients, such as vitamins C, A & E.

The Preemie bottle comes with a slow-flow Preemie teat which is 47% slower than a Newborn (level 1) teat, which allows baby to feed at their own pace.

  • Widely used on Neonatal Units around the country

Vacuum-free feeding helps digestion.  Good digestions is essential for babies, particularly premature babies.

Fully-vented bottle design.  Closest to breastfeeding

Internal vent system and silicone teat work together, with a controlled flow so babies feed at their own pace.

Small 60ml bottle ideal to use with Preemie babies

Comes with a Preemie teat which is 47% slower than a level 1 teat