The soles of our feet work hard, with the skin purposely developed to be thicker and harder than elsewhere on our body to withstand daily life. It helps protect us, but can also be prone to dryness as a result. Impractical footwear, pressure, friction and stresses to the skin can cause feet, especially the heel pads, to become very rough and dry over time.

Eucerin UreaRepair PLUS 10% Urea Foot Foam treats rough and dry skin on feet with intense moisturisation to provide immediate relief. This foot care product combines key ingredients to powerfully treat dry skin with a targeted solution. Urea remains the gold standard in treating dry skin. Classic ingredients such as NMF supply the skin with extensive moisture while Ceramides strengthen the skin barrier and prevent moisture loss. These work alongside Dexpanthenol and Decandiol, two active ingredients that feature prominently in foot care due to their ability to quickly regenerate skin and reduce the microorganisms responsible for fungal infections. As a proven result, the new foot foam increases the resilience of fungus sensitive feet.

The formula has been clinically and dermatologically proven to deliver immediate relief and intense, long-lasting moisturisation, delaying dryness and roughness for up to 48 hours. Skin feels smooth again while thickened skin and callouses are reduced. The ultra-light foam texture is easy applied and quickly absorbed into skin for total convenience and comfort. The foam also has a pleasant scent uniquely developed for dry skin, creating a positive spa-like experience without the irritation that perfumed products can cause.

The foot foam is ideal for those with aged and/or dry skin, and skin conditions such as xerosis, psoriasis and especially diabetes. The perfumed foam’s texture and consistency was rated just right by 95% of diabetic users, confirming the ease of use on dry diabetic skin. Additionally, 94% of diabetic patients confirm the overall effectiveness of the foam for their dry skin while 96% of them confirm it visibly smoothens and moisturises the skin. It can also be used for adjunctive care. The studies also showed that 98% of the testers say that the foam is particularly well suited for the skin stressed from compression stockings.