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Calma by Medela

- Makes the difference because your baby can maintain their individual feeding behaviour.

Feeding solution designed for breastmilk

Our research has shown us what happens inside the baby's mouth when breastfeeding*

Calma benefits from this research:

1. Milk does not flow automatically so your baby can pause and breathe during the feed.

2. Calma comes in one size! This is suitable for the entire duration of breastfeeding.

Pioneered to benefit  the mother and baby's unique breastfeeding bond. Compatible  with all Medela reusable breastmilk bottles.

*Geddes, DT, Sakalidis, VS, Heptworth, AR, McClellan, HL, Kent, JC, Hartmann, PE. Tongue movement and vacuum in infants feeding from the breast and an experimental teat that releases milk only with vacuum. Presented at the 15th Int. Conf. of the ISRHML Lima Peru: Oct 8-11 2010.

Breastfeeding must be well established before introducing a teat. Always refer to the enclosed instructions for use.