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The Belle Bobbins

Using 100% Mulberry Silk, this hair tie won’t pull or tug on the hair eliminating the risk of kinks, breakage and damage.

The Belle Bobbin comes with a detachable bow to suit your personal style.

The soft and smooth material allows for strong holding power, meaning your hair will stay in place without creating tension or irritation on the scalp and hair.

 Silk is a versatile fabric, delicate yet durable. Strong but breathable. Pure Mulberry Silk is made from natural silk fibres and it provides both a smooth and soft feel that man-made textiles just have not been able to replicate. Silk reduces friction and absorbs less moisture, therefore is much gentler and does not dry out your hair/skin unlike cotton. Thanks to silk’s super smooth texture, hair glides on it without any friction, reducing damage to your hair while its tied up and as you remove the bobbin.

No more pulling out hair or breakage from putting your hair up!